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TriYoga, the art and science of yogaflow®, is the dynamic, meditative trinity of asana, pranayama and mudra. Systematically introduced, TriYoga unites breath and mystical hand gestures with flowing and sustained postures. It has the inherent qualities of rhythmic pacing, relaxation-in-action, wavelike spinal movements and economy of motion. Students can remain with Basics (108 posture sequences) or continue to Level 1 and subsequent levels.

Within each level, students develop precise natural alignment, strength, flexibility, endurance and a longer, more rhythmic breath. When the movement of body, breath and mudra harmonize, the inner flow of prana (life energy) is experienced. Continued practice makes the body~mind a fit instrument for meditation and for life.
Founded by internationally renowned yogini, Kaliji (Kali Ray) in 1980 in the USA.
Taught in 40+ countries by over 1800 certified teachers with 66 TriYoga Centers and Communities.

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Ishtar E. Dobler